ALTRO SALOTTO The Expression of Elegance in Quality Living

From Classic to Urban & Contemporary Design


All time classic furniture and decoration accessories of interior spaces, made to stand out for their luxury and quality, customized to the needs of the modern home, destined to give the necessary quality in your life.

Creations that are characterized by unique style and high aesthetic design. From the wonderful sofa and the elegant and functional armchair to the luxury  sophisticated  chaise longue, our passion for the creation of unique furniture never stops!


Designing the exclusive

In cooperation with the best designers of the furniture and decoration industry and by being always up to date with the trends of modern styling, we achieve the creation of a unique high aesthetic and precious all time classic design.

The inspiration becomes a reality, through the combination of the correct design and the true craftsmanship  in the art of furniture manufacturing.


Exquisite manufacturing

The realization of the unique design in  each of our collections, is made entirely by our skilled and experienced staff. With the focus set on handmade character and luxury in furniture, our experienced technicians are characterized by deep technical knowledge and their persistence in detail.


Precision in quality & elegance

Our goal and dedication to creating high quality furniture, comes with every exquisite piece of furniture that bears our signature. Luxury and quality are found in every refined detail. The continuous search and the strict selection of raw materials, combined with specialized manufacturing techniques, gives us the result of a constant quality reach, in each production stage.


The Excellence in Craftsmanship

The longterm specialization of our company in the production of paneled furniture made of fabric or leather, has granted us the necessary experience and knowledge in the manufacturing  of unique decorative objects. The ability of customization in our creations, in cooperation with the bespoke furniture that we can offer, gives us the advantage of being able to fulfill any demand and succeed in every project at every scale. From commercial properties to residential interior design, every furniture in our collection can be shaped and customized to fit any decor and styling demand.


Exclusive care in production

The entire production process takes place exclusively in our factory, where the nature of the handmade furniture is united with the creativity and flexibility in the construction of each item of our extensive collection.

Our love and  passion for the manufacturing of furniture, leads to a constant evolution of our production process. The continuous upgrade of our equipment, the search for new and improved raw materials, along with the most complete and innovative construction methods, contribute to the establishment of  reliability and high quality in all our products.


Made in Greece

Altro Salotto is a purely Greek company. All the stages, from design to production, take place entirely in our cutting edge facilities in Greece. The value of the signature '' Made in Greece '' along with the persistence in the high construction standards and European reliability, are the key elements to our success and our establishment in both the Greek and the international market of furniture and decoration.