Our Company

With a long history in the production of unique furniture that exceeds half a century and with a constant dedication to quality and in the uniqueness of every sophisticated detail, Altro Salotto is the best choice when it comes to  furniture.

Our story begins with Kuriakos Papadopoulos and his passion to create elegance and comfort, that is expressed through his innate talent in furniture manufacturing.

Mr Papadopoulos followed the craftsmanship and his business instinct and accomplished his vision in 1970 when he established and organized a developing production unit, which evolves constantly till this day, in the domestic and international furniture market.

This longterm history of passion and dedication to the true craftsmanship, has led to the creation of ‘Αltro Salloto – K.Papadopoulos Furniture’ a synonym of quality, style, comfort and functionality in the modern daily life. The persistence on quality and the great love and soul that is put into every piece of furniture by the company's founder, is the biggest legacy and the main feature of our furniture.

Today Altro Salotto, maintains the strong character of the family business that combine the  hand-craftsmanship values with the modern strategies of production and organization, thus continuing the constant and dynamic course in the furniture manufacturing and decoration sector. Classic, Urban, Contemporary Design ... Timeless Style!